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~indie sisters~


Preparation for Fall Show has begun!

Now that we're past the Creative Neighbors Showcase, we've had a chance to regroup and get our plan together for our second show of the year! We must say, what a great year it's been!! Thanks to all of you that have supported us and purchased our products, we're able to do another show this Fall. Details are to come on what, when and where...but the final plan is in the works. As soon as we know, we'll let all of our followers know the details.

Aside from doing another show, we've really sat down and talked a lot about what to revise...what went well...and what we should do to improve. So, lucky for all of you...we're elaborating on some of our lower priced items to reach every pricepoint between $15-$60.

Here's our new pricing structure, details are to come on some of our newest styles. They will be flirty, fun and should appeal to a completely different type of bag user! Stay tuned for photos.

Kenzie Wristlet $15
Nellie Handbag $30 (new for Fall 2010)
Leile Purse $40
Anna Purse $50 (new for Fall 2010)
Tessa Tote $60
Chloe Hobo Bag $80 (Custom order only, includes matching Dipe-N-Wipe & Changing Pad)

We couldn't be more excited about what's to come for this season and again we thank you all for making our first year as a new company a really exciting and inspiring experience!

~the indie sisters

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